My period is my life coach.

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LUNASCOPE: April 26, 2017 | New Moon in Taurus

What message does the New Moon have for us? Spirit Guide: Kali For the first time I didn’t need an oracle card to write the Lunascope tonight, Goddess Kali made herself known through sudden hail on the tin roof of my house, thunder and lightning providing her...

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LUNASCOPE: April 19, 2017 | Waning Moon in Aquarius

What message does the waning moon have for us? Oracle Card: Artemis | Guardian The wild energy of the waning moon vibes so well with Artemis, the Goddess that is lending us her moxy this week. This is the sunset phase of the lunar cycle, full of amazing bursts and...

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LUNASCOPE: April 11, 2017 | Full Moon in Libra

Goddess Guidance Oracle Card: Yemanya | Golden Opportunity Yemanya is a Brazilian and African water Goddess, credited with actually creating the sea—woah! Her connection with the moon is deep and visible, her powers showcased each time the tides roll in and out, each...

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LUNASCOPE: March 12, 2017 | Full Moon in Virgo

"Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty."- Doris Day While shuffling my Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Card Deck the blessings card jumped out almost immediately! While initially gazing at the card my eyes were drawn to the halos around the figures, their fullness and...

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LUNASCOPE: March 5, 2017 | Waxing Moon in Gemini

Our internal clocks are signaling that Spring is near, the blankets of snow that many are receiving feeling like a collective lump of coal. When the seasons shift we can feel anxious, angsty and uncertain, much like how we feel when the weather changes inside of our...

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LUNASCOPE: February 26, 2017 | New Moon in Pisces

The dark moon is a deeply feminine time, a monthly portal where the veils are thin and sensitivities turned up to 11.  Mary Magdalene came through for us last cycle, and her energy is still working its lady magic, reminding us to tap in to the vibration of love. The...

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As Above, So Below | Sun in Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

The word “dream” contains both fantasy and intention. We use it to refer to how we plan, how we entertain ideas, how our subconscious processes information, and even to describe the unattainable. Dreams originate deep within the psyche, mirroring the oceanic depths of...

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LUNASCOPE: February 18, 2017 | Waning Moon in Sagittarius

I have never pulled the Djwal Khul Ascended Master card before, but when I gazed into his eyes I was flooded with messages—he has a lot to say! He is here to support us as Luna wanes through Sagittarius, reminding us that cycles and seasons are always affecting us,...

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A Lady’s Magic Grimoire | Moontime Herbs

As our cycles wax and wane with the phases of the moon, the wise witch begins to see her moontime (aka menstruation) as a gift and not a curse. This is a time to make like our uterus and purge, to shed what no longer serves us, to make room for new, higher vibes. If...

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As Above, So Below | Your Moon Sign + Self-Care

When you’re an activist, feminist, light-bringer, empathic warrior, world-nurturer, or all of the above, it’s easy to give of yourself until you burn out. You might find yourself starting to avoid watching the news or anything requiring much thought. Maybe you start...

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