I have always had artist vision.

Ever since I was a little girl I could see ideas inside of my head, feel them in my body, and bring them to life.

I swim in possibilities, trip on future memories, receive messages in pictures, song lyrics, feelings and symbols.

I love stretching out in a sunbeam with my cats, often each chips for breakfast, and sing along to chanting tracks while I curl my eyelashes and spritz myself with the Lady Magic mist of the day. When I’m stressed I check to see if I’m mouth breathing, put my legs up a wall if there’s one nearby, and I work with my thoughts, knowing that they are the true conductors of my reality.

I channel yoga lesson plans while watching the Real Housewives, carry potions in my purse, crystals in my bra, and use laughter like medicine. I alternate nostril breathe through commercial breaks, carry out business meetings on my phone while soaking in the tub, and feel lit up when chatting with women about their cycles and their super powers. I know we are magic, and it makes me feel like myself to help other women explore their Inner-Verse.

In my early/mid-twenties I was unaware of my powers.

I was a student (studying fine art and elementary education), was working at Starbucks and at a nursing home as a recreation therapy assistant—I was consistently anxious, overwhelmed and depleted. I didn’t yet know that I was allergic to dairy and gluten, that I was an empath and a psychic, and that my true vocation is healing. Everything in my World felt like it was screaming, and my body revolted. I would come home from work exhausted, crawling under the covers, depressed and full to the brim with the energies that my thin skin soaked up like a sponge.

The shift allowed me to feel my own feelings, and I coined the phrase “live with moxy” as a mantra for my inner journey, subtly aware that I was discovering a lifestyle that would define itself as I evolved.

I can remember frequent visits to the Enderby library, bringing home stacks and stacks of books about yoga, spirituality, mindfulness and magic. I started attending a spiritual support group and was enchanted by the stories shared and the invisible world that was greatly affecting people that I’d seen at the grocery store, floating around day to day life.

I opened a small boutique with a wellness room.

Selling supplies, objects and products designed to spark creativity, and care for our sensitive bodies. Each curated item was a gateway into the conversations that were consuming my imagination. I learned that owning a bricks and mortar shop was not for me—it felt more like a heavy weight on my chest and shoulders, a ball and chain.

In 2015 we shut down the physical boutique, moving my business into the ethers.

Operating as a digital enterprise, doing pop-up events and wellness festivals to spread the word and move my products. I was becoming more and more aware that I am psychic, learning to harness my skills, practicing on friends and willing family members.

When a girlfriend would text with a problem I would put together a tarot spread in her honour, asking specific questions, sending along an e-mail with my insights. I would pull up a snapshot of her onto my computer screen and dedicate 108 mantras to her healing, often clutching my crystal wand, shooting reiki at my laptop. Pew! Pew! I began to integrate divination into my private practice, working with clients of all ages to support their creativity and discover their strengths.

My girlfriend Amber and I teamed up in to create a collaborative line of potions, naming our label As Above, So Below, creating aromatherapy mists inspired by the moon that we called Lady Magic. I am learning to own it, grounding into my intuition, cultivating my artist vision.

As a trained artist, teacher, yogini and healer, I love to connect with other gifted girls to explore their inner landscapes, discover their unique brand of lady magic, tune in to their intuition and share what it means to live with moxy.

A collective of magical women that has spread, uniting continents through Internet connections. We meet in a facebook group and sometimes in real life local chapters, supporting one another by channeling empathy, humor, and love. #livewithmoxy and the #pussyposse are my digital offerings, spaces to return to when craving communion with yourself and people like you.

My fascinations with the moon, patterns, women’s studies and spirituality lead me to track and observe my hormone cycle in a collection of diaries, inspiring this website, my current offerings and products. I discovered that my period is my life coach, that my insides go through seasons just like Mother Nature and the moon, and I invented a calendar system that jives with my waxing and waning inner cycles.

I am freshly through my Saturn Return (an major astrological transit that happens in your late twenties), a few years off of the birth control pill, armed with rituals, habits, practices and lifestyle choices that have proven in my personal practice, allowing me to create a reality inspired by my cycles. Discovering and inventing an intuitive calendar system inspired by observations made in months and months of personal cycle diaries has become the BEST self development/self-love tool in my spiritual box.

To become curious about what it means to be an embodiment of the divine feminine, to be a dynamic creature living in a linear World, and to have the gumption to design a life based on how you feel on the inside—

this is living with moxy.

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