Every woman I know wants to be a glorious queen, but that option was hardly on the multiple-choice questionnaire we were handed when we were little girls. Rarely did anyone tell us we could choose to be magic. — Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth


When I read this line in Marianne Williamson’s A Woman’s Worth my heart exploded. I’ve always been fascinated by women’s bodies, and am learning that this obsession is where my own magic resides. My curiosity has taken be down many weird pathways, and I’ve concluded that learning about and playing with the moon cycle is a key to living a mystical life, the kind depicted in woo-woo movies and shows that feature hocus pocus (my favourites!). I’ve gone to art school, teacher school, yoga school, reiki school, I’ve taken workshops about crystals, access consciousness, workshops about witchcraft, attended spiritual support groups and conferences designed for girl bosses. I’ve read hundreds of books about energy, spirituality, women’s health, herstory, the Universe and the super powers of love. What I know is this: as women we are naturally tuned in to something powerful, something bigger than ourselves—we have God inside. We are aligned with the same force that impregnated Mary, are the sisters of Mother Nature, healers and planeteers.  We are Amazonian Wonder Women sent from outer space to bring balance back to the Earth. We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for, life is so far out.

I’m grateful every cycle that my creative force is valued for more that its ability to create tiny humans. Although our collective shadow may undermine my beliefs, using the media to reinforce that my value lies in shutting up and looking pretty, in playing a supporting role, in my ability to sacrifice myself for the greater good, I choose to elevate my consciousness, breaking through the glass ceiling each time I tell the truth, each time I share my tender touch. I am the heroine of my own story, and the moon is a guide towards understanding my internal power source. Take that!

We as women are trained to see ourselves as cheap imitations of fashion photographs, rather than seeing fashion photographs as cheap imitations of women. — Naomi Wolf

On the full moon the air is heavy with magic. Women are fertile, manifesting happens on demand and introverted housecats stretch their claws and are willing to go out on the town. We feel full as we mirror Luna hanging bright and bold up in the sky—my stomach is usually rounder during this moon phase and I’ve come to love how my body intuitively mimics the moon. I also have a lovely collection of looser fitting shirts and dresses that help to ramp up self-acceptance, infusing me with feminine mojo.

As Above, So below | the full moon

The full moon has been both slandered and adored, treated much like how we observe celebrities in tabloid news. We can call people lunatics, say that she’s hysterical, and feel uncomfortable with the wild, lady pheromones which penetrate our nostrils. The waxing moon was saucy, helping us to hook a hottie, complete tasks, ticking off to-do’s like a girl boss. The full moon is laced with ecstasy, is of age and ready to mingle. She’s pumping power anthems, is high on estrogen and testosterone and gets off on mothering people and projects, riding out the extroverted energy that’s present in the first two cycles of the moon. If you’re looking to make a human this will be the phase to get it in, and if your birthing energy is focused on personal, home or work related projects, make out with your ideas and actively bring them to life.  The intentions that we set on the new moon should be taking shape, having been nourished and tended to during the waxing moon. Stay tuned in to your inner-verse during this phase and check yourself before agreeing to overbook your dance card. The waning moon is coming, and she has zero filters when she’s feeling run down. Stay connected to your artist vision and beam gratitude for the magic that you’ve created by working with the moon’s cycle. Look how awesome you are!

Season: Summer

The full moon is hot like summer. Gardens are blooming, the days are long and people are generally tolerable as they’re dosed by the sun’s vitamin D. During this moon phase your insides mimic this season, how do you feel about summer?   The extreme heat can affect me as much as the cold of winter, and I can become irritable, feeling as though I’m trapped inside of my skin. Interestingly, the full moon can elicit similar feelings, depending on how engaged I am with my true desires, using my creative capacity to its maximum potential.  If I’ve given in to resistance earlier in the month, living inside of my head rather than using my body to play with my desires, the full moon can ache and cramp.  If I’ve done a good job of keeping my garden weeded, meditating, eating well and penciling in sufficient alone time, I’m more open to the vivacious vibes, super horny, going with a divine flow.


The full moon makes you ripe and juicy. The trees are heavy with fruit and your internally primed, lubed up, ready to be picked. Your aura is an Eden, and as you travel throughout your day-to-day chores you’re able to infuse each mundane task with an extra boost of creativity. Make extra portions when you’re playing in the kitchen, maybe attach little love notes to read during your less energetic waning and new moon times. Colours may appear more vibrant, music can seem super deep, you’re tuned in and turned on, a real life modern Goddess. You can infuse all things with this summery sauce, trying out bold new flavours in the kitchen, experimenting with new fonts or design choices in projects, texting sweet naughty nothings to your lover or g-friends. Encourage these charmed feelings and take note when the muse is present. The days are about to feel shorter, a little more sharp and crisp. Ride this hormonal wave and channel your mojo towards what’s growing in your own garden. Make preserves. Fall and winter are coming, how can you support those more inwardly focused, sometimes prickly times?

Moon Cycle

The full moon relates to the second phase of your cycle, roughly days 14-21, and it’s the fertile time when you ovulate and drop an egg. This fertility lives inside of your womb but isn’t contained, just as the moon is big and full so are you, and the moxy that you’re projecting is picked up on an energetic level by everyone around you.

There is a hot and heavy party going on in your pants, things can get a little messy. Embrace the fact that your panties look like a Kleenex, a receptacle for vagina-goo, and be grateful for the signs from Mother Nature that your plumbing is working a-ok. You can learn to chart this phase in your cycle, taking note of the consistency and texture of the fluid, becoming turned on by information: this is called fertility tracking and it’s how women have naturally conceived or prevented pregnancy for centuries; know-how. The discharge is a natural lube, creating an internal slip and slide for sperm, shooting those swimmers through the wide open cervix, it’s love making time. Don’t be shy, just be aware and learn to work it! If your new moon intention was to make a baby, this is the week to channel rabbits.  If your goals were work related take advantage of the long, summer like feels and don’t be afraid to push yourself to meet your outcomes. You don’t need to bundle up to leave the house, you’re exposed and flowy, walking with pep and purpose.

When the queen emerges, she is magical and enchanting. She is calm and happy. She creates order where there is none. She has grown new eyes. — Marianne Willamson, A Woman’s Worth

You’re feeling like a natural woman and are radiating sex appeal. You’re a cosmic queen. You’ve shed what no longer served you during your period, used your psychic insights to set intentions, and layed ground work during your pre-ovulation/waxing moon phase. You’re wiser and more seasoned then last month, you’re learning that energy flows where intention goes. The full moon is like graduation, a homecoming—you’re finally a grown up. With this comes the enhanced responsibilities of the potential to create life, and this can feel both empowering and vulnerable, a deadly combination. The world is not a safe place for women, and walking around oozing sexy vibes can bring an unwanted gaze, uncomfortable attention. Awareness creates protection, and if you’re feeling shady call upon Mary and Archangel Michael for shielding and a blanket of divine love. We naturally travel in packs during this phase, enjoying the company of other women and menfolk, so roam with your Pussy Posse, there’s safety in numbers.

As Above, So Below | the Full Moon

If you find yourself reaching for stimulants, using caffeine and other uppers to get through the day, take this as a sign that you didn’t rest and retreat sufficiently during the new moon/your period. Working with the ebbs and flow of your cycle is an art, and each month we’re given check in points to see if our actions are on track.  If you override these low energy signals and push through you may find yourself feeling super prickly during the waning moon next week and may feel caught off guard when progesterone takes over, unleashing a she-beast that can be difficult to tame.

Artist Vision

You’re empathic abilities are at a high during the full moon phase, your goggles are turned up to full optimism, and you’re feeling flexible. If you’re clairvoyant you may find that you see it in your head and BAM! It appears in real life, just like a scene from sci-fi. Claircognizants may experience similar phenomena, getting hit with a great idea and then seeing it in 3D soon after.  This happens because we are magic, and when we’re tuned in we remember that we are born witches.  You may think of a friend, give them a call and hear them say “I was just about to call you!” on the other end. Our sense of smell is heightened and shifted, making husband’s body odour smell enticing, like a musk mixed just for you, his work boots and tools left strewn throughout the house trigger thoughts of his manly abilities rather than rage at his messy habits (those feelings are saved for the waning/new moon cycles). It’s easier to get along with other humans, and this positive experience can translate to our thoughts too, allowing us to believe the affirmations that we’ve been pumping our subconscious with.

Dick is smelling good

As with the waxing moon, traditional seated meditation may seem lame brain during the full moon phase. We’re feeling activated and dynamic, we want to move to the groove. Dance under the full moon, join a local moon circle, have sex or turn on your vibrator solo, play with Shakti through a kundalini yoga practice, play or sing along to music and try out expressive art forms like large scale or gestural painting—these are all phenomenal ways to connect to your artist vision during this phase.  Move your hips, shake your shit, fully be in your womanly body.  Your spirit wants to climax as this is the height of your hormonal cycle, and this action reinforces to the cosmos your delight and desire. Make pleasure your spiritual full moon practice and explore all its forms. Use your imagination to consciously connect with what you’re manifesting, feel the feelings that it arouses, feed your heightened senses. Play by yourself or with a friend and use sexy times to create a high vibe. In Lisa Lister’s magical book Code Red: Know your flow, unlock your monthly super powers and create a bloody amazing life. Period. She explains

Give yourself permission to experience sexual pleasure in whatever form feels good to you during this phase of your cycle. It’s not the only time you can do this, obviously, it’s just that this is the manifest-awesome-sex time. Can I get a high five? What’s that? You’ve not got a hand spare? Good work! (p. 118)

mmmm, dick

You heard it here first, the full moon is for howling. Using your moxy during this phase is expressive and exciting, what have you created?


Abracadabra translates to “I create what I speak” and during the full moon we understand the true powers of our words. We cultivated intention during the new moon phase, when we were feeling baron, exposed and inwardly focused, making wishes as we gazed up at the stars. We used the essence of spring during the waxing moon to gently nurture our ideas, repeating affirmations, playing with our spells. We created to-do lists, earned check marks on agenda pages, we were social butterflies making connections. All this leg-work was lining us up to showcase the powers of the cosmic queen that lives inside of us, preparing to honour the Mrs. Robinson that makes things happen when the moon is bright and/or when we ovulate.  A key point to the full moon phase is to remain lazer focused. You’re so attractive at this time you’re going to solicit all sorts of offers. Stay deeply rooted, repeat your affirmations, smile and say no thank you if what the world is delivering is out of alignment with your vision. Notice what is manifesting naturally, and what is requiring extra effort. You’re a magnet and what you’ve focused on will draw near. This phase can blow your mind and be overwhelming if you planted to many seeds that now need harvesting. A well-planned garden will see you through until the spring, and women are programmed to operate in this manner energetically, every single month. Mother Nature is the purrfect muse, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a place that is home to all four seasons, you are presented with a magical lesson plan to your womanly life.

When a woman has owned her passionate nature, allowing love to flood her heart, her thoughts grow wild and fierce and beautiful. Her juices flow. Her heart expands. She had thrown off crutch and compromise. She has glimpsed the enchanted kingdom, the vast and magical realms of the Goddess within her. Here, all things are transformed. And there is a purpose to this: that the world might be mothered back to a great and glorious state. When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again. — Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth

There are many full moon rituals (I’ll be writing about them over the next few months over at As You Evolve), and this cycle I challenge you to create your own moon circle. You can do this alone, with a group of girlfriends, or in a facebook group. When three or more gather sparks begin to fly! You may call your mom and talk to her about the full moon, gather your Pussy Posse and create a monthly ritual, or do moon research and check in online with your digital coven, swapping stories, sharing inspiration. Luna loves attention, and the more that you notice her, the more rewards she will help you deliver.  Our cycles are like built in midwives, intuitively designed to help us birth our genius.  Mindfulness allows us to stay in the moment, noticing all of the presents that the Universe delivers. Spells help us to stay conscious and engaged. Keep focused, direct your energy, be curious. I think you are magic! The full moon is our Pussy Posse bat signal, prepare to look up and beam out (((Good Vibes)))
Are you excited to take a full moon bath? How do you feel when you’re filled with creative energy? Are you enjoying this 4 part moon cycle series? Share your breakthroughs, ask questions and clarify intentions in the PussyPosse facebook group. You are the Big Bang, are you feeling it?

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik is a Canadian witch and a creative doula. She invented and tends to both #livewithmoxy and the #pussyposse. Mrs Fagervik was born under a Taurus Sun, a Cancer Moon and has Capricorn Rising in her chart. She currently lives in Enderby, BC.

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