The moon is a mirror, reflecting back our insides, affecting our feelings, our thoughts and our emotions. It creates a natural rhythm, based on tides and flow, intimately connected to women’s cycles—all we have to do is look up, and magic begins to happen.


Once upon a time women were in tune with nature. The sky was our calendar, and we were aware of our intuitive powers, knew how to harness our feminine wildness. Luna was our birth control and the seasons provided our day plans.  We bled with the new moon, became pregnant with the full moon, and created space to care for one another along the journey. We were respected, our knowledge trusted, and our vision quests valued. Today’s world is blaring with pre-packaged messages, lit by fluorescent bulbs, and operates on a 24/7 cycle. We are expected to show up the same way daily, to be able to push through and deliver, to achieve on demand while working inside of recirculated structures. Down time is seen as a luxury, something to schedule on the weekends, during a few weeks in the summer, maybe for 15 minutes in the bathroom with the door closed. We are disconnected from Mother Nature and have forgotten that as above, so below, and within.

We are the Big Bang, designed to mimic the seasons, hormonally balanced to shift between yin and yang energy, to flow between being and doing: we are dynamic. To go with the flow suggests non-linear patterns, the flexibility to bend and move when the wind changes course, or when shit hits the fan. It suggests a willingness to surrender, the vision to follow the signs, an ability to recognize intuition and the knowingness of what it feels like to connect with ones genius. An awareness of the moon’s cycles makes this task playful, connecting us to a cosmic flow, one that’s going on whether we choose to tap into it or not.

Season: Winter

The new moon aligns with the vibe of winter, and brings with it a death of the old and the possibility of rebirth. The sky is dark, Luna has disappeared, and humans can feel their shadow sides. Things can feel a little brittle, distant and cold. It’s a reflective, inward focused time, and brings a potent energy, one where intention can be harnessed and the cycle of manifestation set into motion. It’s magic time. Just as winter brings a fresh white canvas, can feel a little bare and isolating, the new moon allows us to start again.


Winter can seem startling, and this phase mirrors our insecurities with slower, reflective activity. As creatives it can appear frightening when ideas aren’t flowing and manifesting rapidly. We can feel dried up, uninspired, searching for the muse. Just as Persephone dips down into the underworld, so does our genius. This is ok. This is natural. If we’re ‘on’ all the time we become depleted, and like a light bulb we burn out.

What feelings do you have about winter? What thoughts pop into your mind? What does your body do? Take note. These reactions colour how your view this phase of the moon, and how your subconscious sees your period—insights!

Moon Cycle

If we work with the rhythms of the moon we can learn about ourselves, about the emotional phases that our bodies flow in and out of. We can learn how to harness the best parts of ourselves, how to accept our feminine nature, how to achieve even when it looks like we’re standing still. By spending a few minutes a night sky gazing, saying hello to Luna, checking in with her light and shadows, we can begin to re-tune our inner cycles, turning on the ancient parts of our DNA that remember Mother Nature’s timing.


The new moon is focused inwards, in receiving mode. This is how women are when they begin their periods. Dreams, journaling, tarot, meditation, interacting with the elements, stillness, naps and cleansing are all in sync with this phase. A bed, soft duvet, cup of raspberry leaf tea and a good book are medicinal. We may feel more introverted than usual, raw. The layers of the metaphorical onion are peeled back, and for a short time we can access psychic realms easily, connect with the invisible. Physically we may feel low energy, sensitive and vulnerable. This is an excellent time for reviewing, reflecting, letting go and creating space. A cosmic refresh. The new moon offers a time to look back over the past month, and to create a plan for the next moon cycle. By setting a clear intention, creating a map, and relying on faith we can cultivate a spiritual connection, a powerful relationship with the Universe, tapping into the divine to help schedule and make sense of our lives. The new moon requires focus, curiosity and surrender. It may be difficult to release your desire, to allow it to form roots, to wait as it grows. Our modern nature demands instant action and results, but moon magic teaches us that everything has a rhythm, that good things take time. New moons are for wishing—what do you desire?

Artist Vision

What do you wish to manifest this moon cycle? What intention do you want to plant and work with? Like seeds, intentions thrive on faith and gentle nurturance. The new moon is a time of creating fertile soil, and we do this by using our intuition to note which habits and routines will best support our goal. Our subconscious mind is like a child, thriving when fed imagery and symbols. It likes music, dance, art and play, simple narratives, rhyme and rhythm. It’s the subconscious mind that we’re communicating with during the New Moon phase, so we can picture a pan like ally.


Set the mood before you set out on your vision quest. Light some candles, maybe sage your space, create a ritual. Ground yourself.  Magic loves foreplay. Grab a notebook and your favourite pen, some pencil crayons, whatever gets your creative juices flowing. Use the next sentences as imagination prompts, let your mind take you for a ride, and pay attention to your body. When you dream of how you’d like the next 30 days to feel, how does it look? What are you wearing? Who are you playing with? What are you creating? What words sum up what you see inside your head?  Use your imagination to conjure specific details, include your senses, how does 2 weeks from now smell?

Once you glance the future try it on; play make-believe.  Tune in to your daydream and check in with your feelings. Does this vision feel light or heavy? Where in your body is being stimulated? Take note. Notice the colours that you see, the noises that surround you, how does the air feel against your skin? How does success present itself?


Now that you’ve used your artist vision to try on your future self, it’s time to craft a spell to help affirm and manifest your intention. You’re going to write a statement that begins with either “I am” or “I have”, and write in present tense, because that’s how you use the law of attraction to draw near your desires. You are a magnet and your thoughts are conductors, beaming in what you repeat and ponder. If your intention for this cycle is to connect with Mother Nature, then you could use the spell “Mother Nature is my Homegirl” to bring more of her essence into your aura. If your vision is to generate financial abundance, you could use the spell “I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am love”, or “I am a money magnet”. Making your spell visual will increase its powers.

There is no need for you to share your intention with anyone else, in fact during this phase in the manifesting cycle it’s best to protect your intention and keep it private, away from any outside influence that brings a judgmental or bullying vibe. During this sensitive phase your dreams are fresh and vulnerable, and just as a seed or a new baby requires Mothering and shelter, so do your new moon intentions.

You may wish to take a photo of your spell and use it as your phone lock/home screen image, repeating it each time you interact with your device. You may wish to write it down onto several sheets of paper, creating posters, placing them around your home and work place to use as visual reminders. You may wish to make a vision board, using pictures and words to collage your subconscious mind, or if you’re feeling really crafty you may want to bust out the paints or embroidery floss and create a piece of art which inspires your vision. Either way, the point is to create a visual reminder of your spell, and to repeat it often. Repetition works like sunlight, nourishing and strengthening, charging and powering up your new moon intention.
What are you manifesting this moon cycle? What’s your relationship like with the moon? This is a four part blog series, click ahead for the waxing moon post, and check in with your sisters from other misters in the Pussy Posse facebook group (a safe container to share your intentions). Let the new moon magic begin!

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik is a Canadian witch and a creative doula. She invented and tends to both #livewithmoxy and the #pussyposse. Mrs Fagervik was born under a Taurus Sun, a Cancer Moon and has Capricorn Rising in her chart. She currently lives in Enderby, BC.

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