Welcome to part four of the #livewithmoxy four part moon magic series! This week we’re exploring the waning moon, the phase which aligns with the vibes of fall and with the pre-menstrual part of our personal moon cycles. The waning moon provides a time for women to tune in to their wild sides, to feel a little animalistic—it can be super cathartic.

We have made it through the waxing and full moon cycles, manifesting magic, shining brighter and brighter, mimicking Luna as she grew full and made things happen. The full moon was a climax, and the following two phases allow time for review, renewal and a re-connection with our inner-verse. As the sky begins to darken, the moon shows off less and less of herself, eventually disappearing from view during the new moon phase. Luna is a witchy woman. Women mirror this talent, retreating inwards, easily tapping into the subconscious mind, able to access creativity, intuition and secrets. On the outside we may seem smaller, our sparkle dimmed and energy low. On the inside, however, life can feel stormy. As our light is focused inwards, we’re asked to confront and feel out what our doing-selves put on the back burner. When we learn to reframe our view of what’s powerful, we can begin to learn how to werk this phase to our advantage. Our minds naturally dip into a meditative state, and by slowing down we are able to accelerate, letting go of baggage, storing energy for the next moon cycle.

In every area of our experience as women, we are lost and disconnected because we do not perceive ourselves in spiritual terms. We think of ourselves as flesh and bone, resumes and relationships, clothes and cosmetics.” –Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth

As a group, we have forgotten how to listen. We know how to value the physical parts of life, but are a little lost when it comes to the invisible, feeling realm. The waning moon asks us to slather ourselves with compassion, and to use our journals and mindfulness skills to decode the messages that bubble up in the forms of feelings and emotions.

We can feel hot and then cold, yes and then no, life is like a Katy Perry song. This is normal. This is beautiful. Women are all of the seasons EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

the waning moon #livewithmoxySeason: Fall

Fall is crisp, colourful, and dynamic. Mother Nature has been busy growing and making flowers, fruit and vegetables. People who love the heat of summer often whine about the return of fall, lamenting the shorter days, nostalgic for the extroverted energy of the sweatier seasons. The trees have dropped their fruit and are changing, drying up and preparing for winter. What was once vibrant and alive is now decomposing, providing nutrients and wisdom that will be recycled in the spring. By the end of fall the Earth can look a little baron, Mother Nature can seem less inviting. Colour has been drained from the scenery and once flexible leaves now crunch under our feet as we walk along paths and pavement. We know that life hasn’t disappeared, that its vibrancy will return again in the spring, and we retreat inwards, we begin to hibernate. The weather can be unpredictable, requiring planning and costume changes when more layers are needed to keep warm. Humans generally resist change, and fall loves to blow our cyclical nature right in our faces. The waning moon corresponds with the season of fall: initially it is colourful and exciting, highly creative, and then gradually the season becomes more temperamental the closer we get to winter.

the waning moon PMS

Internally women experience fall once a month, naturally becoming introverted, appearing sporadic, clearly preparing. We become great at making plans during the spring/summer seasons, and can often forget that our energy shifts during the fall/winter, that the days are shorter, and that a personal focus is necessary to achieve cyclical harmony. We can become super crunchy, quite cold and abrasive if misunderstood, requiring support, space and down time.  Mother Nature doesn’t try to pump out summer all year long, she’s savvy, using each season to its full potential. Fall provides a natural detox, a letting go of the past, a surrender. Winter corresponds to our periods, and the fall is priming us to retreat inwards, to let go. It brings to the surface that which needs to be released, and if we can learn to allow it, we can drop what’s no longer serving us just as the trees say adios to their leaves.

Moon Cycle

The waning moon mirrors pre-menstruation, roughly days 21 until the start of your period. Many women dread this phase in their cycle, fearing the feelings, emotions, thoughts and vibes that arise. As a collective we are crucified for this phase, convinced that we are mentally ill, labeled as having a syndrome. The symptoms of PMS are very real, and can be debilitating, but by looking at our nature holistically, we can reframe this phase, learning how to mine the gold that it delivers, alleviating symptoms by working with and accepting that we change. To much of the World, women are mysterious and unpredictable, but as we’ve been exploring we’re actually highly predictable oracles, mirroring through our bodies if life is on track or if things need a tune up.  Waxing and full moon phases explore our masculine, outwardly focused qualities, and are therefore embraced/played out in the media and our popular culture. The waning and new moon phases, however, are feminine in nature, and represent our collective shadow. As both men and women, generally, do not recognize their feminine strengths, when they surface we are shocked, and often try to squash them down with medication, food, work, or a plethora of other distractions. We are society that values doing, achieving and reaching external goals, and the pre-menstrual phase challenges that paradigm, offering a retreat inwards.  By using mindfulness to shine light onto this phase, we can begin to uncover the mysteries and magic that it delivers. Entertained by external demands in our first two phases, the waning moon wishes to explore our insides; she’s been taking notes. We are gifted, each month, with the ability to review what we’ve done, to decide what we’d like to carry forward, and to leave the rest. We’ve been working with intentions and reaping the rewards of our manifesting abilities, and the waning moon allows us to check in and see if what we thought we wanted was what we actually needed.

Our past is a story existing only in our minds. Look, analyze, understand and forgive. Then, as quickly as possible, chuck it.” –Marianne Willamson, A Woman’s Worth

The insights are delivered to our bodies, and are felt as aches, pains, feelings, energy, thoughts and behavioural patterns. For the most part we are able to keep up with our daily tasks, and we will be able to muster enthusiasm for new ideas, but our energy is waning, focusing inwards. If we try to match the vivacious feels of the full moon, we will unleash a she-beast that has zero time for dicking around. She says what’s on her mind, can read people like a book, and loathes anything that’s not authentic.

look out!

The waning moon needs her space and loves together alone time. She wants to hang out and be near other people, but can be quickly triggered and pissed off if plunked in the public. She has artist vision, and can lazer through bullshit right to the heart of matters; she sees the truth. Luna can be impatient and a little upset with herself, feeling weepy, releasing. There aren’t many models of empowering pre-menstrual gals for us to look up to, we’re generally depicted as manic, unstable bitches during this phase. Can you think of a character from a movie or tv-show that represents an empowered waning vixen? Men can become our greatest pre-menstrual allies: they’re great at pattern recognition, are programmed to please and can pick up some of the domestic slack. Even when I’m super tuned in, charting my cycle, aware of what season/phase I’m in, I can feel coo-coo come this phase. Chronic pain can kick in, headaches and wishy-washy feelings. I can feel like a basket case, wanting to do all of the things, wanting to have sex, wanting to push through, and then needing a nap just to make a salad. I can feel shy and ultra introverted, pissed off at the World and bullying myself from the inside. My husband is an awesome teammate, often reminding me of where I’m at, bringing me raspberry leaf tea in the morning, giving me space, and rubbing my feet at night. Super basic. The smallest amount of external support and understanding during this phase can change your life.

By embracing my cycle rather than silencing it, the feminine feels that it’s here to teach support my own development while cultivating empathy and compassion in my manly husband: MAGIC! If we can become brave enough to tell the truth, courageous enough to discuss our feelings, we can create divine relationships, becoming real life Gods and Goddesses.

Artist Vision

Our artist vision is turned way up during the waning moon, the layers are thin between the physical and the metaphysical worlds that we live within. This is partly why this phase is commonly misunderstood, and why women have been burned for being magical. Our culture loves science and loves to prove and measure things.  We can track our hormones, notice our fluids, but feelings are harder to quantify. The pre-menstrual woman is working with the invisible. She is a bridge between the seen and the unseen, and her reactions can be drastic. The feelings may make her want to eat all of the cookies and order all of the pizza, she may reach for coffee to keep her pep up, and to wine or mary-jane to smooth out the ride. Pharmacy shelves are lined with pills to shut up our powers, to turn off our feelings, to dampen and dissolve discomfort. Without these signals, we become lost. Our bodies are wired to relay messages from deep inside of our tissues, but our day planners are focused on maintaining 9-5’s.

PMS= eating all of the cake

If we knew how to moan, they would hear us on the moon.” –Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth

The affirmative spells that were crafted on the new moon have served their purpose, and the waning moon provides a time to look back and reflect, to feel out our manifestations, to decide if we care to continue forth or to start anew. This is a time to truly connect with your inner-verse, to go deep, and to honor what comes up without blowing life into it.  Meditative states are achieved naturally at this time as our brains slow down and play in delta waves.  When we’re aware and mindful of this ability, everything changes. We don’t need to venture outside of ourselves, visiting an ashram or a retreat to commune with the divine, it happens naturally! Pencil meditative activities into your day planner and let your artist vision know that you’re receptive and open, uncensored. You are a lightning rod for inspiration—write it down! The pre-menstrual muse has ADHD and can exhibit defiant behaviours if ignored. A notebook is all you need.

We are ultra creative during this phase, and sadly often use this super power to blow things out of proportion and to kick our own internal asses.


If we’re aware, however, we can glean insights and shed baggage like a girl boss. If you’re brave enough to pencil in down time, self-care and woo-woo, this phase can bring alchemy, turning rage and anger into emotional gold. You’ve worked hard and produced fruit, and just as Mother Nature puts her gardens and forests to bed, you’re intuitively mirroring her habits. It’s up to you to listen, to channel Luna, and to feel the stories that are no longer serving you.

A new manifestation cycle will begin soon, get clear on what’s not working, what’s outdated, what’s holding you back and what needs to be changed. The new moon will make sense of what you discover and the waxing moon will put new plans into action. Your job during the waning moon phase is to tune in to what your artist vision is trying to illustrate, to feel it, and to let it go.


Women’s bodies are sacred spaces. We don’t need to venture outside of ourselves to experience spirit or to get religious, our challenge is to learn how to tune in and receive the divine. Waning moon magic requires reflective action, asking us to trust our bodies as vessels to knowledge and wisdom. Our cycles are the ultimate life coaches, and if we can learn to decode the lessons inherent in each phase, to speak the 4 different languages that call from inside, we can heal our bodies, our families and our communities.

Women must remember how important it is to honor women. In ‘reforming’ the Christian church, Martin Luther chose to throw out Mary. In rediscovering the church within us, we choose to bring her back.” –Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth

During the waning moon Luna is an artist. She expresses herself through words, images, feelings and intuition. She’s a sponge.  Her psychic abilities are turned up high and Namaste is a real thing. She’s inspired by stories of other women, subconsciously searching for signs that it’s ok to be a lady. Listen to music that matches your mood, hang out with Mother Nature, get really fresh with your journal—play with art mediums that allow you to work through and recognize what’s surfacing.

I connect with the Goddess Kali during my pre-menstrual phase, embracing her qualities of compassion, liberation and enlightenment. She can cut through the ego’s illusions, destroying unreality. Goddess of Earth, Nature, destruction, creation and renewal. Kali helps clear away problems that are old so that healing can begin. As with many female icons, she’s been classically misunderstood, and I relate to her fierce feminine nature while coveting her accessories.  Kali is my PMS spirit animal.

Goddess Kali

Your pre-menstrual mission is to honor your feelings, explore creative outlets that allow your to express yourself, to apply compassion liberally to your ego, and to connect with a female role model that you can honor during this phase. She can be Luna, Mary, Mother Nature, a celebrity, a character from a book or movie, a woman in a painting—whatever form the goddess comes in accept her and thank her. Print out a picture of her and look at it when you wake up and when you go to bed. Write to her in your journal, start a conversation. Pray to her. The relationships that we have with other women and feminine energies directly impact how we react to our own, ever changing lady nature.  You are the Big Bang, designed to flow with the moon, experiencing the 4 seasons monthly. You are dynamic. Become curious and study yourself. Get to know how you react to change. Use your cyclical nature as an advantage, unlocking spiritual powers and gifts that have been buried. Connect with your Pussy Posse and talk about your feelings, talk about the moon, talk about your period, make magic. Share your insights with men. Live with Moxy.
What lady are you choosing to connect with during this phase? How has tuning in to the moon affected your internal cycle? What do you love about fall? Share in the #pussyposse facebook group–we love hearing from you!

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik is a Canadian witch and a creative doula. She invented and tends to both #livewithmoxy and the #pussyposse. Mrs Fagervik was born under a Taurus Sun, a Cancer Moon and has Capricorn Rising in her chart. She currently lives in Enderby, BC.

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