Women’s bodies are time machines. We feel four very different energies each month, cycling from maiden to crone as we experience hormonal shifts that mimic the moon.  By studying and understanding Luna we come to know ourselves.  Welcome to the waxing moon, the phase best understood by North Americans, the magic mirror that’s most often held up to us by the media and popular culture. We live in a society that admires and adores youth, placing its naive qualities on sky high pedestals, creating a system that rejects nature, coveting the effects of scientific modifications. Industries market products aimed at fighting the aging process, our bodies are seen as battle fields.  Wisdom is shoved into nursing homes, out of sight out of mind, and birthdays are shrouded in shame and laced with fear. Real housewives are stuffed full of silicone, chasing external rewards, terrified of the Jones’s peaking into their windows, catching them without their faces on. The waxing moon aligns with popular culture’s ideals, embodying a youthful girl next-door glow, a little bit shy and highly enticing. It’s an exciting time with a springy vibe, one that has been long awaited as we hibernated, cocooned and experienced winter. The sun has returned, days grow longer, and women reflect this shift.  We could name the waxing moon Lolita. She’s underage, a little bit selfish and naïve, almost ripe.

As women we can feel off kilter during this time, guilty for the instincts that kick in to service our own needs, to act on the intentions that we dreamed about during the new moon. It can feel unladylike to put ourselves first, even if it’s an internal shift that we keep to ourselves. If you allow the energy to flow through you you can find balance later in the month, when the moon retreats and begins to wane. This phase is designed to put you into motion, to push you outside of your comfort zone, and mentally allows you to believe the positive self-talk that you’ve been practicing. Remember what it was like to be a teenage girl, to believe that the world revolved around you? The waxing moon provides the portal back to this phase, and brings with it the optimism, enthusiasm and stamina that we experienced before grown up burdens kicked in.

Season: Spring

The waxing moon aligns with the vibe of spring, brightening up the sky, and bringing optimism to our insides. Spring is colourful, vibrant and full of hope. We open our windows, sweep out our houses and life feels easy. We can smell summer, seasonal affective disorders lighten up and bees begin to pollinate. The heavy, stark feelings that were present in winter are replaced with a drive to create space, and an intimacy with Mother Nature is palpable, we can feel her breath in the breeze and see her manifesting abilities as leaves form on naked branches.

We set intentions during the new moon phase, and we tend to them during the waxing moon. The light and water that nurture seeds are equivalent to our thoughts and our actions, and we may begin to see signs of growth, catching glimpses of what we wished for. Luna has gradually begun to show more of herself, slowly exposing her light, she’s on her way to becoming full. The weather can be stormy and unstable, much like how it feels for a teenage girl. It’s not yet the season to harvest but a time to put in the prep work and to enjoy the flower power.  Get frisky, stay up late, talk to the stars and bury your feet in Mother Nature.  Go with your flow and soak up Luna’s good vibes, embracing the change in season and the return of light to the sky. The metaphorical winter is over, venture outside of yourself and flash the world the peace sign. You are art, the writers block has cleared, go play!


For introverts this season can feel a little jarring, forcing you outside of your bed nest, daring you to interact with the rest of the World. Temperatures increase and this can confuse sensitivities, creating reactions that can feel allergic. The more mindful you become the easier it will be to find your own way, to remember that you can create your own ways of interacting. By using the energy to cultivate your intention you can tune in and power up, reading in coffee shops, running errands, leaving comments on blog posts, making your mark. Spring is flexible and there is room for all forms of growth.

Moon Cycle

Women’s cycles mimic the four phases of the moon, and the waxing moon brings a dynamic energy, roughly aligned with days 7-13 of our personal moon cycles—it’s time to get shit done. If you put things to the side during your period, focusing on your inner-verse, the waxing moon allows you to play catch up. Energy rises and introverted feelings begin to focus on the external world. Just as animals come out of hibernation, so does our stamina and motivation, allowing us to root down and channel mental focus and drive.  This is the phase that many women wish lasted their entire cycle, the time when living feels easy, words slide off our backs and to do lists are accomplished with ease.  We are perky, have energy to burn and feel light, society understands us. We are less in touch with our mystical, psychic powers, instead channeling logic and reason, tapping into increased memory and big picture thinking. The time spent reviewing and visioning during the new moon is put into action as we work towards the intentions that we consciously planted.


Use this phase to make plans, to network and to create connections. Ground work.


The waxing moon is extroverted, bubbly and high vibe. She’s a positive thinking go-getter, ready to take on the World. She’s also a teenager and can become easily agitated if things aren’t going quite her way and if others can’t keep pace. It’s important to remember to self-care during this phase, as basics like nutrition and down time may seem wasteful and selfish, so last week. Checking in with your journal is wise, reviewing and remembering the insights that were gleaned during the more reflective new moon. Make sure that you’re doing is on track with how your wise bleeding self wished to be. Dry brushing your body, oil pulling your mouth, flow or kundalini yoga and getting your sweat on are all active ways to care for your fine self.


This is a time of dreaming, of scheming and of creating habits that will manifest your desires. The waxing moon is a babe, and she’s not afraid to focus on her own intentions, needs and wants. She’s fuelled by moxy, walking with pep in her step and gumption spilling out of her purse.  This is a great time to book meetings, to venture outside of your comfort zone, and to strut around in your power suit.

Face your fears, Luna’s glow is like turning the lights on, you can quickly realize that it’s not so bad. The energy that you’re able to bring forth is masculine in nature, werk it! You are a multitasking maven during the waxing moon, a scheduling wizard and have the bravery of a lion. The waning moon will balance you out bringing you inwardly focused once again, so use this phase to its full potential by staring yourself in the mirror, repeating your affirmations and going for it. You are the Big Bang, take action and make a boom!

Artist Vision

During the waxing moon phase our energy is in start-up mode, eager to dig in and get to work. Connecting with our intuition may feel more like a long distance call, but keeping the channel open will help to ensure that we don’t over schedule and stray from our core desires, from the path that we visioned during the more reflective new moon phase. It can be easy to let our enthusiasm fray our focus, and I suggest that you pencil in a daily meditation practice to help keep you centered and connected to the wise older woman that lives deep inside.


Meditation can feel like a real chore when your body is rearing to buzz around and play in the three dimensional world. Sitting still, breathing mindfully and focusing inwards may feel wrong and agitating. I suggest that a reframe, a shift in focus will realign this instinct. Your increased energy can be powered up through meditation, becoming lazer focused, ultra effective. Slowing down and tuning in expands and bends time, your left brain will love this. If you can lay this pattern down throughout your entire cycle you will feel more balanced, grounded and divine.


There are many ways to meditate, and the waxing moon provides the purrrfect phase to test drive and to explore. Your artist vision loves to play, and during this time you can access it through dance, art, on a nature walk, by going for a swim, attending a group meditation class, through yoga, the list is endless. You’re primed for research, analysis and full of vigor, so I challenge you to channel some of your energy towards exploring meditation in all its forms. Yoga nidra turns your body into a time machine, venturing through the five koshas, healing an amazing list of ailments. I wrote about it here and have included two guided meditations to help lead you into and out of the process. Add yogic sleep to your waxing moon day plans, focusing on the intention that you set during the new moon and prepare to take a quantum leap towards your destiny! I promise you that these tools work so get ready to dress for success.


We conjured spells during the new moon, putting our feelings into words, creating vision boards, posters and visual reminders of our desires. The waxing moon is optimistic and impatient. She wants things to happen instantly, to manifest right now. She’s willing to put in the work and can get easily frustrated when the World doesn’t appear to cooperate; remember, she’s a teenager.  Remind yourself that summer is coming, that the seeds have been planted, and use your positive mindset to create magical habits and thinking patterns.

Get serious with your spell, feel it with your entire body, and keep repeating it. Use meditation and yoga nidra to turn your body into a magnet. Take small actions daily that will help to support your vision once it appears. Make space. Spring clean what needs to be cleared out, weed your environment and your body. Drink lots of water and use your enhanced powers of concentration to break down and manifest your goal. This is an active phase, and each action that you take will bring you closer to your daydreams.
How do you relate to the season of spring? How do you feel after your period? Do you long to stay in this phase or do you prefer the intuitive comforts of winter? Share your feels in the Pussy Posse facebook group, and make a wish each night as you look up and gaze upon Luna. Living with moxy is all about being in tune with the moon and aware of her seasons, you’re doing it!

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik is a Canadian witch and a creative doula. She invented and tends to both #livewithmoxy and the #pussyposse. Mrs Fagervik was born under a Taurus Sun, a Cancer Moon and has Capricorn Rising in her chart. She currently lives in Enderby, BC.

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