Creative Counseling sessions are intuitive, custom ordered, and tailored to fit each client’s needs.

Working together over coffee, in half-day sessions, and/or long-term via my 3-month coaching option, I combine all of my magical modalities, tools and know-how to problem solve, unblock and cultivate the magic and creativity that I know is within my clients. My oracle abilities are at their service.

As an empath I can feel your feels, gifting me with the ability to articulate what’s under the surface, longing to be expressed, adored and played with. You are art, a living breathing vision board, and my artist vision is wired to help you bring your desires out of your pelvic bowl and into the material world. I combine my talents as a muse, a teacher and a healer to meet students where they’re at, creating curriculum and resources to purrrfectly suit their current needs.

Working as a creative doula means we work together to care for your body while manifesting what’s on your mind, birthing what’s in your heart. We’ll explore yin and yang energy phases, work with the cycles of the moon, track your hormones, investigate the seasons and utilize the calendar to create a dynamic inner-beauty routine that turns you into a magnet for your dream life.

My intuition loves to mingle with my abilities as an artist and a writer, allowing me to assist with website copy, provide guidance while working with digital and visual designers, creative direction, artistic guidance and savvy when discussing your realities.  I also have a strong network of working witches that I’m aligned with, and with each Creative Counseling session comes my magical rolodex and connections.

The shorter Creative Counsel sessions are great for working through specific issues, ideas or blocks, and the longer-term counseling option allows us to sink deep into your artist vision, working through multiple cycles, lifestyle changes, connecting you with your inner witch.

Sisterhood. I am so thankful for the sisterhood, guidance, and friendship that I share with Mrs. Kate Fagervik of Live With Moxy. I have spent many hours on the floor of her living room deep in Creative Counsel sessions surrounded by cards, crystals, oils, Dolly (the amazing pup of the house), and love. Any woman wanting to dive into her Inner-Verse and discover the truth of her spirit needs real face time with this woman. A great place to start is by reading “A Woman’s Worth” by Marianne Williamson and pairing it with Kate’s “Novel Study: a Woman’s Worth, a DIY Guide to Exploring Your Inner-Verse.” Kate is so amazing at bringing daily ritual that is inline with your womanly landscape. I gush, and I could gush all day about her! I will end it by saying…tap in to her gifts whether it by an oracle reading, a yoga class, a creative counsel session…. tap in to them. You will love it. Lara-Rose Duong

The Modern Money Witch

Together we will write spells, play with potions, practice yoga and meditation, create rituals, complete art/writing assignments, use a cycle diary to track your lady magic, explore your super powers, create space for all of your colours, find pleasure in a dynamic self care routine, mind meld on projects/business—it will feel like we are little girls playing together! 

3 levels of support

Mind Meld


Creative Counsel

In the flesh / digital

1-3 hours

 Curious about working together? Past client who wants to touch base on a couple of specifics? These sessions allow you to feel it out and focus in while gaining access to my brain, the lighting bolt for creativity that powers #livewithmoxy. Together we’ll sit down, I’ll take notes, and you’ll give me the 411 on your current feels. We can chat it out about your business, your inner beauty routine, your relationships, any areas in your life where you’re feeling creatively blocked. Together we’ll brainstorm and create a plan to move you forwards. These sessions are short and sweet (a couple of hours max) and can happen in coffee shops, in your home, or via video.

Previous clients have used these sessions to work through breakups, create blog content, work on the homework given to them by their coach, I’ve created customized yoga and meditation routines to suit their current feels, we’ve worked on self esteem and feelings of worthiness, created a plan to use the moon and their innerverse to manifest their ideas—Shoot me a message if you feel called to work together and we’ll sort out a package that feels right for you meow!



Project Creation

In the flesh / digital

Blast through a creative project, go deep into a specific issue, receive all of my attention. These sessions are active studio days, spent making, doing, achieving, and completing. Think of me as your personal tutor, the fairy Godmother sent to help you get your girl boss homework done. Book an Abracadabra session if your’e ready to create what you speak and desire my support.

Past clients have used these sessions to complete scheme and execute photo shoots, deep dive into their lady magic, as pampering experiences, I’ve been booked as a creative director for product launches, social media campaigns, and at a yoga studio. Clients and I have created website content, brainstormed blog content calendars, I can provide custom writing lessons, social media advice, design consultation, brand consultation—if you can see it inside of your head this is the session to practice, play and make believe.

Mrs Fagervik’s School for Gifted Girls


3 Months of Creative Counsel
In the flesh / digital

Message to book a 20-minute video chat to see if we jive. I am meow accepting a limited number of clients into Mrs Fagervik’s School for Gifted Girls, offering my 3-month Creative Counsel program.

This program includes:

– Work together meeting 6x (twice a month) via skype or in the flesh if you’re a local
– E-mail and texting support. I’m there for you at the tap of your magic fingers
– Customized curriculum, assignments and oracle insights
– Creative Support throughout a long-term project or goal
– Assistance in creating a dynamic inner-beauty routine inspired by the daily insights recorded in your cycle diary
– Lady Magic lessons in a variety of magic modalities
– Membership in the #pussyposse, the girl gang that lives with moxy

Creative Counsel is my premium coaching option, and your opportunity to work together over three moon cycles to explore your Inner-Verse, create a customized inner beauty routine that shape shifts just like your insides, and a self-love practice for all of your cycle days.

While these sessions don’t have a set curriculum, there are key components, or folders, that will create the structure of our time together.

The 411

Each session begins with the opportunity for you to spill what’s on your mind, clearing the air, allowing you to purge and confide in your sisterly support system. I shape shift into a Priestess, holding space for you to tell the truth, giving you my full attention with all of my senses, jotting down notes and insights as you share. This seemingly simple act creates lady magic that carries us through the rest of the session.

You are the Big Bang

We will explore a plethora of assessments, quizzes and tools to discover how you best learn, how you give and receive love, a snapshot of where the stars were at when you were born, and your personality type.These give us the big picture so that we can build the life that jives with your destiny.

Creative Counsel sessions come with access to Caitlin Alexandra Astrology for custom astrological guidance and an initial birth chart reading.

 Cycle Tracking

Using a cycle diary we will work together to learn about and observe your monthly cycle. This gives us fantastic information into your lifestyle, your hormone levels, and your patterns allowing us to design a life in rhythm with your Inner-Verse. You will become intimate with yourself on a whole new level, using curiosity and note taking to gather information about the invisible parts of being a woman. This system takes self-love to another dimension. Learn what days are best for what tasks, how to create a dynamic inner-beauty routine, all about your cervical mucus, how the texture of your thoughts and feelings change with your hormone levels, explore metaphors and complete homework assignments that will guide you to better understand each cycle phase.

Lady Magic Lessons

1-1 tutoring in yoga, meditation, chakra balancing, empath survival skills, aromatherapy, intuition, potions, plant medicine, bach flower essences, the moon, chanting, the divine feminine + divine masculine, invoking archetypes, spells, divination, manifesting, crystals—if there’s a magical modality you’re keen to learn about we’ll explore it here.

Working Witch Support

Whether you work in or out of your home Creative Counsel sessions provide support for the working witch in all of us. If you’re an entrepreneur we’ll work on whatever elements of your work life that are coming up for you that day. Previous clients have used this time to break down client surveys to create website copy, fine tune business plans, brainstorm blog ideas, create social media content calendars, discover their magic, quit their jobs to work for themselves, created new products—this part of our work together is sacred, intuitive, and shape shifts as you do.

Did you have something else in mind?

Send me a message, share your secrets, and we can create a customized counselling option just for you.

Kate came into my life during a very tedious time of huge transformation.  I was on the verge of opening my spa (huge step), I was leaving a 9-year relationship (another huge step), and I was starting my life over according to ME (also HUGE!)…I was looking for a way to tap into my soul and reconnect with my Spirit.  The first time we met, Kate came to my house. She showed up with armloads of books, crystals, Bach Flower Remedies: a whole lotta Lady Magic love.

What really blew me away about our session, is that she really helped me remember that childlike wonder that so many of us seem to forget as we go through the motions of our everyday lives.  I felt inspired, I felt important, I felt loved.  She even rubbed my feet!! I’ve had many sessions with Kate so far, and each one is amazing. I love her attention to detail, I love that she listens and I feel heard. I enjoy the “ homework” and self work that she assigns for me each sesh—it really gives me something to look forward to, and it’s a crucial part of my self-care routine.  I feel like I have truly learned so many valuable lessons about myself, and all the women on this planet.  We are all a collective consciousness, supporting each other with one common thread – magic.

Kate is an exceptional teacher, mentor, creative counsellor, and a force to be reckoned with. If I could give each woman in my life a gift, it would be a session with Kate. My heart is in deep gratitude to her for sharing her unique and oh so witchy gifts with me.


The Lavender Lotus

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