Mrs. Fagervik’s School for Gifted Girls

is pleased to announce that we are accepting enrollment to the Winter Semester 2018. The digital doors to Lady Magic School are now open until midnight on December 31, 2017.

Working with Kate Fagervik, learn from and support your sisters from other misters on a deep level as we share and cycle track together. Using My Cycle Diary as our textbook we will follow intuitive curriculum, learning how to balance our inner and outer Worlds with moxy as our talents and gifts emerge.

Forget trying to fit into a patriarchal box each month, instead learn how to ride the hormonal waves of womanhood, creating a dynamic self care routine based on observations, science and lady magic.

Using the container of Winter we will explore the menstrual cycle, using daily ritual, habit and routine to love ourselves in a deep new way. Your period is your life coach, providing all of the holistic information that you crave, each and every cycle.

Learn how to find balance when your insides don’t match your outsides, how to tell when you’re fertile, learn about your hormones, your creative cycle, how the moon and her phases effect you, and experience your inner seasons, learning how to flow with the current feels.

Discover your best days for the physical activities that you love, the best days to ask for a raise, your power days for paying bills and being boss, discover the days that require slowing down, and learn how to work within a cyclic framework. Melt anxiety with self-compassion, dissolve fear with self love, align your cycle with your heart’s desires and create the World you glimpse behind your eyes.

Let’s map it and make 2018 the year you learn how to love yourself, with moxy!


Upon enrollment you will receive a series of e-mails. Check your inbox over the next week and be ready to gather Jan 1st when class officially begins! *Students enrolled in the Winter Semester will be automatically signed up for following semesters. The Winter Class will enjoy a one time only tuition fee of $99 for 90 days, and membership will then increase to $99/month.

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