Goddess Guidance Oracle Card: Yemanya | Golden Opportunity

Yemanya is a Brazilian and African water Goddess, credited with actually creating the sea—woah! Her connection with the moon is deep and visible, her powers showcased each time the tides roll in and out, each time our inner cycles wax and wane, each time a salty tear rolls down your cheek. She is delivering the message this full moon to trust the doors that are opening for you right now, to know that you are qualified, and is giving the green light to stop treading water and begin the breast stroke in the direction of your goals.

Much of the Milky Way is in retrograde, a period of planetary review that asks us to collectively slow down and feel out all contracts that we’ve signed, physically or energetically. With Mercury in retrograde some may fear signing contracts or starting fresh projects; my artist vision and Yemanya say do not be afraid: keep going, trust your guts, you got this!


I can see myself as a little girl in my pink onepiece sitting on top of the slide in our backyard pool. It was important to check below the slide, to see where I was going, to avoid spitting out onto a neighbor kid. If I sat up there to long, though, I would psych myself out and half an hour could pass before my Momma would help me down. Use the push of this Lunascope to raise your hands and enjoy going down the slide, knowing that there are multiple adventures that you can choose which will all lead to the same destiny. Follow your joy and know that this full moon is about prayers being answered. Amen!

It’s been a long, dark winter and as the Earth begins to wake up so do the sprouts of the seeds and bulbs that we’ve planted. Today’s Libra full moon sheds light on to your growth, rewarding you with a golden star in the form of a sacred opportunity. Connect with the element of water, creating a wishing ritual, thanking Yemanya for nourishing what you planted in faith.

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik is a Canadian witch and a creative doula. She invented and tends to both #livewithmoxy and the #pussyposse. Mrs Fagervik was born under a Taurus Sun, a Cancer Moon and has Capricorn Rising in her chart. She currently lives in Enderby, BC.

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