The dark moon is a deeply feminine time, a monthly portal where the veils are thin and sensitivities turned up to 11.  Mary Magdalene came through for us last cycle, and her energy is still working its lady magic, reminding us to tap in to the vibration of love.

The current feels are dystopic, Captain Planet needed now more than ever, humans feeling the energetic weight of months of a 24/7 political soap opera that has real life effects.  Reality TV has been taken to a whole new realm as Pisces energy blends dream time with day time, making our thinking hazy as we’re asked to retrace lessons that we thought we’d already learned.

Mary’s message is to breathe, to pamper your adrenal glands, to put your phone onto airplane mode and connect with Mumma Nature, the stars and your Inner-Verse.  Mystics say that only love is real, and this is a time that requires faith combined with embodied action.  Your daily rituals are what will get you through this year of tower energy as the cosmos squeeze and shake us in to our new forms.  We are growing up, and we are supported by the unconditional, sisterly love provided by our invisible cheerleaders and guardian angels.  It’s up to each of us to make-believe the future—what dreams are you holding inside of your body? What’s asking to be birthed through you?

When you notice yourself throwing shade, engaging in nasty self-talk, feeling low vibe and full of comparison or jealousy, take a deep breath in through your nose, pause, and exhale fully.  Repeat this rhythm a few times, adding in 30 seconds – 3 minutes of breath of fire if you really want to shift your perceptions.  Tap in to the energy of mountain pose, feeling rooted, ancient and strong—take up space! Believe in the mystical possibilities of your desires and use your artist vision to see through the current feels, pre-tending your future.

Trust that your inner-beauty routine is working, take great care of yourself, be bold and move with grace.  Have your own back, making choices in each moment that support your highest good.  Ruffle the feathers, say what needs to be said, take a stand with ease, knowing that telling the truth is your best insurance policy.

Illustration by Cate Currie 

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik is a Canadian witch and a creative doula. She invented and tends to both #livewithmoxy and the #pussyposse. Mrs Fagervik was born under a Taurus Sun, a Cancer Moon and has Capricorn Rising in her chart. She currently lives in Enderby, BC.

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