Our internal clocks are signaling that Spring is near, the blankets of snow that many are receiving feeling like a collective lump of coal. When the seasons shift we can feel anxious, angsty and uncertain, much like how we feel when the weather changes inside of our Inner-Verse as our period begins to wane and estrogen does high kicks. We can want to run when it’s time to stroll, can be a bit impulsive and over zealous—don’t overdo it this week!

The waxing moon is known to make us feel impatient, especially when she’s growing and passing through Gemini, an air sign related to insight, ideas and inspiration. Keep your Cycle Diary handy and utilize the lady magic notes sessions as your brain storms, delivering the answers to your prayers. Know that insight often filters down before it’s ready to be birthed—all creations have a gestation period. Inhale patience, exhale hope. Lean in to the power of blind faith.


I pulled the Goddess Aeracura card while thinking about this week’s Lunascope, the image on Doreen Virtue’s Goddess card reminding me of flowers, crescent moons and a woman’s clitoris. Aeracura’s presence has a flowy effect, and brings the smell of spring flowers to my nose—it feels orgasmic!

Aeracura reminds us that we are a part of nature, and that the same intelligence that grows a garden works through each of us, that patience is our virtue. Our material reality may appear to work at the speed of the internet, and things this week may very well manifest rapidly for you (be careful what you wish for!), but we are inescapably human, and as such are destined to grow and transform at Mother Nature’s rate.

Divine timing is working through you and for you, your job is to keep the faith, to continue to follow the advice from your heart, gut and womb, and to trust the signs! Aeracura suggests that you spend some extra time outdoors, ensuring that you’re eating food that looks like food, drinking lots of clean water and fertilizing yourself with things that bring you pleasure and joy. Trust your bliss. Know that this fertile time of year is ripe with invisible work—we are preparing the soil and planting the seeds that we will tend to the rest of the year. Be discerning and don’t give up!

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik

Kate Fagervik is a Canadian witch and a creative doula. She invented and tends to both #livewithmoxy and the #pussyposse. Mrs Fagervik was born under a Taurus Sun, a Cancer Moon and has Capricorn Rising in her chart. She currently lives in Enderby, BC.

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