When you’re an activist, feminist, light-bringer, empathic warrior, world-nurturer, or all of the above, it’s easy to give of yourself until you burn out. You might find yourself starting to avoid watching the news or anything requiring much thought. Maybe you start to neglect friendships or healthy eating, and a sense of guilt festers in the back of your psyche.   These are signs of your soul’s need for a return to self care. It’s easy to neglect self care or dismiss it as selfish, especially when the world seems to be on fire and you care enough to spend all your energy on trying to put it out, but loving and caring for yourself is in and of itself a radical act. Remember the adage, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”



Astrologically, your Moon sign shows your cosmic road map to maximum self-healing. Self-care strategies aren’t one size fits all; they’re as unique as you are and primarily informed by where the Moon was when you were born.   Our Moon signs show us our innards and what they look like.   Exploring your Moon sign means allowing its reflective light to shine on where, emotionally, your fears and needs are. You can find out your Moon sign easily enough by googling “moon sign calculator.” 

I’ll use my own chart as an example. My Sun is in Gemini, making my core personality that of a Gemini. Geminis are go-go-go. They’re cerebral creatures who crave constant stimulation, conversation, and socialization. This is certainly true for me. However, my Moon is in Taurus. Emotionally, my Moon requires comfort, stability, and sensual luxuries – all Taurus things.

I would look to the needs of my Taurus Moon, then, to clue me in on when it’s time for me to focus on self-care. Taurus is a sign that has a strong affinity for sensual and material pleasures – including food. I always know when it’s time for me to slow down and turn inward when the meals I cook become less of a labour of love for me to exult in and more an exercise in utility. When I’m ordering takeout for the fourth time this week or cooking scrambled eggs three nights in a row, I can tell I’ve begun to reach burnout.



So, for me, then, my self-care looks like honoring the Taurus within. I slow down, pamper myself with a fragrant bath, buy fresh ingredients to make a healthy and delicious meal, and create art.   I honor the Taurean trait of equating material possessions with emotional security and buy myself a small present.   I connect with the Earth element of the sign through spending time with my crystal collection.

Your own self-care strategies will manifest through what sign of the zodiac your Moon is in, and this is a great place to start. Of course, there are other things you might find in your chart, like the position of other planets and the aspects they make to your Moon, the affinity of the Moon with the particular sign its in, etc. that will tweak how this shows up for you. I recommend consulting an astrologer to get the full nuanced picture. For now, your homework is to find your Moon sign and research the qualities of that sign, its wants, and needs. Let MOON PRISM POWER be your self-care mantra and radical self-love be your magical girl arsenal.

Caitlin Alexandra Astrology is giving a free presentation on your Moon sign and self-care through the signs at the Witchery Market in Edmonton on February 18 and 19. Check out her facebook page for more information or e-mail caitlin.a.n@gmail.com.

Illustrations by Cate Currie

Caitlin Alexandra

Caitlin Alexandra

Caitlin is our resident feminist, Wiccan Astrologer, a Canadian witch with over 10 years experience.  She has a Gemini Sun, a Taurus Moon and Leo rising in her chart.


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