Divination is one of my strongest lady magic talents.

Oracle/tarot card readings are key components of my Creative Counseling offerings which are also available a la carte in the options below. The theme of the readings will shape shift with the seasons, so be sure to check back often to see what current feels we can navigate together.

Each reading will appear in your inbox in the form of a magical word document, laced with insights and suggestions, intuitive advice and practical guidance. I find that the pampered feeling that’s created from receiving intuitive readings feels like a day at the spa for my Inner-Verse, stoking my fire, reminding me that lady magic is real and reliable and something that we share.

Upon purchase I will tune in to your frequency from #livewithmoxy H.Q., cast your spread, and record the insights in a file that will be fe-mailed direct to your inbox.

 1-Card Spread: Ask the Oracle


Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am is the vibe of this quick and dirty one card spread, getting to the heart of your quandary, stat! Simply provide me with your Q and I’ll respond with an A channeled direct through my artist vision.

 3-Card Spread: Past/Present/Future


I like to do these readings in my cycle diary each fresh moon phase, checking in with my Inner-Verse, gaining insights into where I’ve recently been, where I’m at right meow, and where I’m headed. This spread is great for inner alignment, providing tips, advice and reassurance that you already know.

1-Hour Creative Counsel Session + Custom Oracle Spread


This is my premium Intuitive Reading option, allowing us to chat face to face via skype (or in the flesh if you’re a local). I will hold space for you to share what’s on your mind, slipping into Priestess mode as you confess what’s happening inside of your inner landscape. We’ll chat it out, problem solve, and when we say farewell I’ll get to work creating a custom oracle spread in your honour, using questions that came up during the session as inspiration, going deeper in to your mystery. Tuned in to your energy I’ll cast the spread and send it direct to your inbox. Abracadabra, 2017 makes magic so easy!

Shout out to the talented Kate Fagervik!
I highly recommend investing in one of her personalized readings!
My reading was so on point, it resonated so deeply with me; Kate used an oracle deck with specific questions and interpreted them with incredible insight and suggestions on how to nourish my Inner-Verse during this a recent mercury retrograde and beyond. She organized my feels and thoughts and layed them out in front of me with her incredible intuition/artist vision/moxy…And delivered it directly into my inbox. I have read it over and over and each time I am blown away by how much I needed this! You do too!

Amber Haase

Element Botanicals

Kate, you are amazingly intuitive. I love reading everything you write, as it is filled with love and hope. It is really inspiring to see you creating and fully embracing your path, as it allows me and others to do the same. The reading you channeled was bang on. Things that stick with me from it are that I truly was embracing my feminine shakti nature over the summer and vibing with Mother Nature. I had attended a training a few weeks before your reading and had learned and practiced Kirtan kriya and even downloaded the timer app for it. You brought this up as a practice and I think that is fascinating. As for what I am making space for- so exciting! And I really feel it. I LOVE the video and song ‘woman’ you linked me with and listen to it often. I feel this bold power waking in me and that I have so much passion and boldness to share. Also, I am so happy to be a member of the pussyposse. I Love the community of rad women that support, encourage, and laugh together. I have learned a lot from this group and proudly bring along my water bottle with the pussyposse sticker on it that has been tagged by some as my “pussy water”, and who doesn’t want some of that?!
Thanks so much witchy girl boss for you and your magic!

Leah Painter

Leah Painter Yoga

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