The word “dream” contains both fantasy and intention. We use it to refer to how we plan, how we entertain ideas, how our subconscious processes information, and even to describe the unattainable. Dreams originate deep within the psyche, mirroring the oceanic depths of Neptune’s domain. When we imagine a kinder global community, engage in pursuits of transcendence, or feel emotional connection to humanity, we are engaging with Neptune.

Neptune rules Pisces, sign of the fish.   Neptune’s influence has been lurking in the depths of our subconscious for a while, as Neptune has been transiting Pisces since 2012. The Sun arrives in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, on February 19 after having made its nearly full journey around the rest of the signs. This transit will stir Neptune from its depths and call it to play. Fantasy and reality may feel blurred. This Sun carries with it all of the lessons and wisdoms of the signs before, and the Earth prepares itself for the renewal of Spring.

This solar transit is all about the beginning of new cycles. A solar eclipse and new moon occur in Pisces on February 26, the same day Mercury moves into Pisces, distilling a moment in time. Collectively, the veil between dreams and reality will feel thin. We’ve been swimming in the deep end lately, and this eclipse is an opportunity to wish our dreams into reality. In a world that equates productivity and material worth with value, holding space for dreaming is a radical act. It’s an act that asserts the value in daring to imagine a kinder, gentler way for things to be.


All this Pisces energy can feel a little overwhelming, and it can be easy to get stuck treading water without going anywhere. Fortunately, this next month or so sees Mars arriving in practical, grounded Taurus on March 10 and Venus spending a little more time in Aries, going retrograde on March 5. Mars in Taurus wants results. It’s a juggernaut of a transit, seeking material foundations – perfect energy to rely on after you’ve spent so much time crystallizing fantasy. Venus retrograde in Aries requires you to spend more time developing the passion in your relationships, and may bring fire to cleanse via conflict. The soothing, nurturing Piscean energy that’s dominant right now will help remind you to prioritize kindness.


What do your dreams tell you about the way you want the world to be? What wish lies at the very centre of your heart? An aquamarine will help you navigate the depths of Neptune’s seas of your subconscious. Rose quartz will enhance the Mars in Taurus supports to your motivation as well as facilitate love and kindness. Keep a journal of all your dreams and refer to it when the world feels a little too harsh.

To better understand how these energies are affecting you uniquely, it’s best to consult an astrologer, but if you’re the DIY type, look to where Pisces, Taurus, and Aries fall in your chart. The houses they influence will show you what areas of your life the dreaming is occurring.

Illustrations by Cate Currie

Caitlin Alexandra

Caitlin Alexandra

Caitlin is our resident feminist, Wiccan Astrologer, a Canadian witch with over 10 years experience.  She has a Gemini Sun, a Taurus Moon and Leo rising in her chart.


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